Can I install the 6x or the 8x in my boat?

  • Installs on boats, rowboats, pontoons, on docks, even in the garage.
  • Your boat must have a double floor to attach the included base.
    Installation guide
  • Make sure you have enough space according to the dimensions of the product (also provide space for reels!).

Product dimensions for 6X or 8X

Can I install the 6x or 8x into an existing seat base?

  • The seat base hole diameter should be 2 3/8” and the base should be hollow in the center. Generally, works in Swivl-Eze bases of: PRINCECRAFT, LUND, CRESTLINER, LEGEND.
  • Otherwise, use the base included with the product and install it in the desired location.

What sizes of rod can the 6X or 8X hold?

  • All baitcast and spinning rods are compatible.
  • Medium size reel is recommended (If you plan to fish for tuna at sea not sure if it will fits… Musky rod or smaller works very well).
  • The maximum size of your fishing rod handles must not exceed 1 5/8” in diameter.

How much space is needed to install a 6X or 8X filled with fishing rods?

Make sure you have enough space according to the dimensions of the product (allow more space for your larger reels!).

Product dimensions for 6X or 8X

What is the assembly time of the 6x or 8X?

It depends on your skills and the tools used (drill or screwdriver). Typically, 20-30 minutes with a drill and a good Phillips drill bit. With a good beer it goes by quickly! Consult the assembly instructions to get an idea.
6X Assembly instructions
8X Assembly instructions

What is the base installation time on the boat?

It depends on your boat whether you screw or bolt the base and the access to screw the nuts underneath. With 2-3 good beers it goes by quickly! Consult the installation guide to get an idea.

Installation guide

What are the gray inserts supplied with the product for?

  • They maintain sufficient space between your fishing rods to prevent them from touching or becoming entangled when moving.
  • They must be installed for fishing rods with a small size handle (less than 1 1/4’’ in diameter).
  • You can remove them or put them back using the two assembly screws according to your needs.

Product dimensions for 6X or 8X

Is assembly hardware included?

  • YES, the stainless-steel hardware to assemble the 6X or 8X rod holder is included.
  • It is also included for two types of installation of the base on your boat (screwed or bolted).
  • There is 1 additional unit of each component of the hardware (when you lose one in the impossible spot to recover, it gives you a second chance!).

Is the product resistant to UV rays?

YES, all the components of our products contain the maximum UV additive. The plastic material used is a premium grade and its sun and impact resistant.

Can the product withstand more than 60 km/hrs?

The product has been tested at a maximum speed of 60 KMS/hrs. For use at higher speeds, it is recommended to mount it on a 2 3/8” diameter aluminum seat leg and install it in a seat base with lock. Contact us for more information.

Can I buy an additional base for my second boat?

Contact us via our website to purchase an additional base with hardware.

Where can I buy a 6X and an 8X?

  • Contact us
  • List of sellers coming soon
  • Coming soon to Amazon

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